Resiliency Trainings

Below are descriptions of a few of the resiliency-focused trainings that are offered to organizations, practitioners, families and individuals.

The Trauma Resource Institute cultivates trauma-informed and resiliency-focused individuals and communities worldwide. Two types of trainings are offered, the Trauma Resiliency Model® (TRM®) and the Community Resiliency Model® (CRM®), which have been developed to educate individuals about their nervous system and to teach easy-to-learn wellness skills to be used for self-care as well as care for others.

While TRM® is oriented toward mental health professionals, CRM® takes on a public health focus and is taught by instructors in various regions. A Teacher Training curriculum has been developed for CRM® to promote capacity-building and sustainability in the regions of the world where CRM® trainings are conducted. CRM® is a “research-informed” intervention, as evidenced by the Loma Linda University School of Behavioral Health (LLUSBH) and a State of California Mental Health Services Act Innovation’s Project.

Community Resilience Initiative (CRI) focuses on creating a community conversant in ACEs and Resilience, aiming to embed these principles into action through multiple partners, agencies, and organizations. CRI’s community-building framework and 21 years’ experience in capacity-building is the essence of what created the platform for the documentary film Paper Tigers.

Trainings include content for individuals who have contact with those adversely affected by trauma and toxic stress, in addition to information on resilience-based best practices with universal application, for classrooms, offices, clinics, shelters, court systems and more. Content is focused on equipping practitioners with the insight and strategies to engage triggered individuals with confidence and compassion.

Reconnect For Resilience™ trainings are trauma-informed and resiliency-focused, and offer practical strategies that individuals, organizations, and whole communities can use to promote balance and well being. Instructors teach about trauma, the brain, and the human nervous system for participants of all ages, educations, or backgrounds.

The 14-hour Reconnect for Resilience™ training is a strengths-based, somatic program. Through demonstrations and group practice, participants are given the “owner’s manual” to the body’s safety and threat management system and learn to use their own natural ability to find balance.