Resilience Subcommittees

The Resilience Subcommittees develop and execute targeted efforts for their sector guided by members’ direct insight into needs, gaps and opportunities. Each committee works a lead partner in the work to build a resilient community, ensuring the development of realistic goals and targeted, impactful efforts. 

Members serve as audience ambassadors for trauma-informed care and resilience, and key resources for insight and feedback on awareness, information and resource needs, and mobilization work. 

Additionally, members are invited to share event announcements, community resources and related stakeholder information; assist with communication and community outreach; and support sector-specific research. 

Meetings also serve as an opportunity to convene individuals and organizations to break down silos, and promote connectedness and partnership.

Current Committees include:

  1. Early Childhood

  2. Education

  3. Healthcare

  4. Nonprofit

Others will be developed in the future. For more information, please contact us at  

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